Board of Directors & Management Team


Management Team

President: CK Lee (

Vice President: Peter Chan

Vice President: Tapin Hu

Vice President of Local Programs and Community Relations: Anna Wang (

Executive Business Director: Sylvia Yeh (

Chief Financial Officer: Lilian H. Lin (

Director of Finance & Administration: Judy Yi (

Director of East Bay Adult Day Programs: Vivian Largusa (

Director of East Bay Living Services and Supported Employment Programs: Claire Brady (

Director of South Bay Vendorized Programs: Vivian Chung (

Director of Family Support: Shiow Luan Chen and Lucy Qiao

Director of Volunteer Support: Linmei Chiao (

Director of South Bay Enrichment Programs: Jacqueline Yu and Yvette Ying

Advisors: Jim Chiao, Anita Ho, Deepak Wilson, Tsai-Wei Wu, and John Yang


Board of Directors


Co-Chair: James Chiao & Yee-Yeen Wang

Secretary: Jason Hwan

Treasurer: Sally Wu


Peter Chan

Shiowluan Chen

Robin Chiang

James Chiao

Lucia Gan & James Gong

Limin Hu

Jennifer Li & Jason Hwan

CK Lee

Sally Lee

Shannon Liu-Shair

Anna & Albert Wang

Sherry Meng & Xiaohu Wang

Yee-Yeen Wang

Sally Wu

Sufen & Tsai-Wei Wu

FCSN Past Presidents & Chairperson

FCSN was founded in 1996. The organization was governed by a “Planning Committee” during the first two years, led by Shiow-Luan Chen, Linmei Chiao, and Peter Hsia. In 1998, the first group of board of directors was elected. In the early years, the board elected a chairperson, who also acted as the president of the organization. Starting in 2005, FCSN president was separately elected by the board.

Year                President                                           Chairperson

1998                Linmei Chiao                                      Linmei Chiao

1999                Tsai-Wei Wu                                       Tsai-Wei Wu

2000                Lihuei Yao                                           Lihuei Yao

2001                Albert Wang                                        Albert Wang

2002                Albert Wang                                        Albert Wang

2003                Limin Hu                                              Limin Hu

2004                Anna Wang                                         Anna Wang

2005                Albert Wang                                        Limin Hu

2006                James Chiao                                        Limin Hu & Albert Wang

2007                Tsai-Wei Wu                                        Limin Hu

2008                Tsai-Wei Wu                                        Limin Hu

2009                Tsai-Wei Wu                                        Limin Hu & Albert Wang

2010                Tsai-Wei Wu                                        Limin Hu

2011                Tsai-Wei Wu                                        Albert Wang

2012                Tsai-Wei Wu                                        Albert Wang

2013                James Chiao                                        Limin Hu

2014                James Chiao                                        Limin Hu

2015                Yee-Yeen Wang                                  Albert Wang

2016                Yee-Yeen Wang                                  Chenming Hu

2017                Yee-Yeen Wang, James Chiao          Chenming Hu

2018                CK Lee, James Chiao                          Albert Wang

2019                CK Lee                                                  Albert Wang

2020                CK Lee                                                  Yee-Yeen Wang, James Chiao

2021                CK Lee                                                  Yee-Yeen Wang, James Chiao