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Welcome to our FCSN family!

Our membership is based on family instead of the individual, which shows the importance we place on families. Our members
enjoy the following benefits:

  • free newsletter and announcements
  • discounts in FCSN programs
  • membership in various support groups
  • group activities, such as camping, bus trips
  • eligibility to serve in various volunteer positions

Becoming a member:

Programs such as parent support groups, weekly seminars, and extracurricular programs are not established programs of the
regional center.

Once you pay the membership fee, your family members also become a part of FCSN. If you have any questions about applying
for FCSN membership, please contact:

Administration Office (
510-739-6900 ext 3305

If you have question for parents, please contact:

Anna Wang (

Linmei Chiao (