Tailored Day Services

FCSN Tailored Day Services (TDS) is an alternative to traditional day program services for individuals seeking a more flexible schedule with fewer program hours. Through customized 1:1 training, innovative classes, life enrichment activities, volunteer works and community integration, you can pursue life goals, improve independence, seek employment, increase creativity, discover hidden talents, grow potential and become self-resilient.

Training and Support Areas (for more information, click on “TDS Brochure”)


Personal Growth

  • Engage in enrichment activities, explore interests, increase creativity, develop self-confidence and grow potential.

  • Sharpen social and communication skills, learn effective conflict resolutions and build interpersonal relationships.

Volunteering and Employment

  • Participate in customized/specific job skill training you want to pursue.

  • Develop resume, practice interview skills.

  • Engage in volunteer work in the community to broaden employment opportunities.

Community Integration

  • Aspire to full potential and truly assimilate within community.

  • Explore local resources and cultural events, budget outing expenses and travel plan for community integration.

  • Learn community safety, responsibilities and emergency handling skills




Continuous Education

  • Discover passion and interests in continuous education.

  • Navigate public/private resources and community colleges for continuous education based on life goals

  • Assist with registration/ enrollments for the classes you desire to take



    For Whom

  • 18+ years old (after exiting school)

  • A Regional Center client

  • Enjoy learning and integrating into community

  • Desire to reside in south Alameda County or Santa Clara County.

  • Able to self-administer medication

  • No aggressive behaviors toward self or others


        Claire Brady, East Bay Program Director

        (510) 739-6900 x3301