Tailored Day Services

FCSN Tailored Day Services (TDS) provides 1:1 training and support to adults with developmental disabilities.  It is an alternative to traditional day program services and for those who seek a more flexible schedule with fewer program hours.  FCSN TDS conducts Person-Centered Planning to help set your goals. Through customized 1:1 training, you can be more independent and self-reliant in personal growth, gainful employment and volunteer work, continuous education, and community integration.

Training Areas (for more information, click on “TDS Brochure”)

  • Personal Growth: FCSN TDS empowers you to explore your interests, increase creativity, develop self-confidence, and discover your potential through life-enrichment activities.  You can work on social skills, sharpen communication skills, learn effective conflict resolution, build interpersonal relationships, practice social media safety, and increase independence.

  • Employment & Volunteer Work: If you have a goal for employment or volunteer work, FCSN TDS will assist you in learning specific job skills, identifying barriers, seeking work accommodation, and providing advocacy, intervention and support to resolve your work barriers.  You can participate in FCSN Job Club and volunteer work in the community to develop job skills and build confidence in areas that you are interested in.

  • Community Integration: FCSN TDS motivates you to aspire to your full potential and truly assimilate within your community.  Through TDS support and training, you can explore local resources/cultural events, navigate public transit resources, budget outing expenses, and plan for community integration.  You will work on community responsibilities, community safety, and emergency handling skills.

  • Continuous Education: FCSN TDS assists you to discover your passions, strengths, and interests in continuous education.  You can navigate public/private resources and community colleges for various classes of your preferences.  FCSN will assist you with registration or enrollment for the classes or lessons you desire to take.


  • 18+ years old (after exiting school)
  • A Regional Center client
  • Not attending a Regional Center funded adult day program
  • Looking for a flexible schedule with fewer day program hours
  • Desire to receive TDS in south Alameda County or Santa Clara County
  • Have a goal for personal growth, employment, and community integration
  • Able to use public or paratransit system with assistance
  • Able to meet own health and safety needs
  • Without aggressive behaviors towards self or others


  • Flexible schedule
  • 4-6 hours per week, maximum 26 hours per month approved by regional center

RATIO: 1:1

For more information, please contact Claire Go, Supported Employment Program Manager, at (510) 739-6900 x3306 claire@fcsn1996.org