Friends Coffee and Tea

Welcome to Friends Coffee & Tea, Ma’am! My name is Jinko. How may I help you today, Ma’am?” Any customers entering Friends Coffee & Tea will immediately feel the warm hospitality and enthusiasm from our clients, baristas, and store manager.  

Through two and half years of long preparation, Friends Coffee & Tea celebrated its grand opening on April 19, 2018. Friends Coffee & Tea extends FCSN’s mission by offering job training and employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities to sharpen job skills, pursue productive life and secure competitive employment in the community.

Friends Coffee & Tea uses utmost premium coffee beans and super-graded loose tea leaves to make signature coffee and tea. All the drinks are made with natural fruit puree, absolutely no artificial sweeteners. We receive great feedback from customers for our signature and unique drinks, such as the Almond Spiced Cafe Latte or the Mojito Orange Cafe Latte. We also serve high-end pastries, such as Snow Bliss Cookies, Blueberry Scones, Brownies with walnut toppings, and Crinkles for you enjoy and pair with your drink.

In addition to delicious pastries and specialty coffees and teas, Friends Coffee & Tea also operates as a gallery for talented clients to display their art work. There are Ceramic Mugs by Austin, The Clay Guy; Organic Handmade Skincare Products by FCSN ADP clients; vivid paintings by various artists; and Lego Candy Dispensers assembled by the FCSN Lego Product Club.

Friends Coffee & Tea offers a welcoming and comfortable environment in which anyone can pause a moment and enjoy a drink. So stop by, say hello, and enjoy a cup of signature coffee or tea with some delicious pastries. You’ll enjoy meeting the amazing people and drinking handcrafted coffee specially made for you by our special needs workers. It is love at first sip. Help us build a brighter future by spreading the word about Friends Coffee & Tea!

Friends Coffee & Tea is located at 1029 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose, CA 95128. For more information, please contact 408-725-8811 or visit

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