Mission Statement and Core Values

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Mission Statement

FCSN’s mission is to help individuals with special needs and their families find love, hope, respect, and support through integrated community involvement.

FCSN provides information and assistance to children with special needs, adults with special needs, and their communities.  We provide opportunities for individuals with special needs to give back to their community through volunteer work and jobs.

FCSN believes in the power of families helping families and promotes peer support through our many programs and events.  We emphasize family involvement and the integration of special-needs children and adults with their regular peers.

FCSN is committed to opening the discussion about people with special needs by listening to and learning from them and their families. We train our youth volunteers to understand those with disabilities and develop their leadership skills. We thank our many student volunteers and adult volunteers for their continuous support and assistance.

We strive to create a secure community in which individuals can learn, grow, and interact.

Core Values

Dare to dream:

FCSN started with nothing but a dream and continues to dream for a better tomorrow.

Be humble, respect others, and embrace diversity:

Everyone in the community is special and deserves respect.

Pursuit of excellence through innovation:

FCSN always pursues excellence and develops good ideas to fruition.

Build open and honest relationships:

At FCSN, we encourage building strong relationships through communication
and trust.

Build a positive team and family spirit:

FCSN started as a small family support organization. As a much larger
organization today, FCSN wants to build a positive team and foster collaboration among families, volunteers, and staff, while maintaining the spirit of family.

Create a caring and fun environment:

FCSN aims to provide a caring and fun environment not only for those with
special needs, but also for staff, volunteers, and families.