Dream Center

In 1999, a “Dream Community” was proposed as FCSN’s long term goal. The “Dream Community” is a community that would
utilize all resources to better support people with special needs and provide them with opportunities. The concept was
so far fetched at the time, it was thought to be an impossible dream. Fortunately, the board later approved the formation
of a committee to study the proposal, and the “Dream Project” was created.

To achieve the “Dream Community,” the first step was to build an inclusive community center. In 2001, a group of parents
purchased and donated a piece of land in Fremont, which set the project in motion. In 2002, the first gala and folk song
concert were organized to kick off the fundraising effort. Over the next few years, with member participation and community
support, FCSN raised over three million dollars to fulfill this dream.

The groundbreaking ceremony of The Dream Center (East Bay Center) was held on October 22, 2003. This event was
celebrated by FCSN board members, families, donors, and supporters. Construction was completed in summer 2006, and the
grand opening was held on October 8, 2006.


Expanding the Dream

Following the “Dream Community” goal, FCSN is expanding to the South Bay. Though there are already established programs
with our temporarily rented South Bay Center, we are now building our own FCSN South Bay Center in San Jose to bring
programs such as job training, store operation, and employment opportunities to the South Bay community.


Designs of FCSN New South Bay Center

The new FCSN South Bay Center is 7910 sq. ft on a 0.57 acre lot and will include the following:

  • multipurpose room
  • fully equipped kitchen
  • laundry room
  • occupational and physical therapy room
  • workshop
  • computer room
  • coffee shop
  • classrooms
  • offices
  • spacious backyard
  • 33 vehicle parking lot

“FCSN builds a dream in South Bay”