Supported Employment Program

FCSN Supported Employment Program (SEP) provides well-rounded job training and support for adults with developmental disabilities who would like to pursue competitive, integrated employment.  FCSN SEP works with you to set career goals, sharpen job skills, secure competitive employment in the community, learn job tasks and requirements, and maximize job performances so you can be productive in competitive and integrated work force.

Training Areas (for more information, click on “SEP Brochure”)

  • Career Planning: FCSN works with you and your circle of support to identify your strengths, job skills, interests, and career goals.  Together, a Person-Centered Habilitation Plan is developed for your employment success. You will be assisted to apply for Department of Rehabilitation’s Supported Employment Services.

  • Job Club:  Based on your career goals, FCSN Job Club will provide specific job skill training, resume development, interview skills and etiquette, work ethics and soft-skill building.  You will have opportunities to participate in volunteer work in the community to expand your work experience.

  • Job Search: FCSN SEP assists you in searching for competitive employment in the community, submitting job applications, preparing for interviews, and providing advocacy.

  • Job Placement & Destination Training: FCSN has partnered with local businesses to broaden your employment opportunities.  Destination training (authorized by the Regional Center) will be provided for you to learn how to get to workplace.

  • Job Coaching: Once hired, FCSN SEP will conduct task analyses for job requirements, provide intensive Job Coaching Service for you to establish task familiarity, look for accommodations for you to reach maximum job independence and performance, help you to build positive relationships with coworkers and supervisors, and evaluate work performance and provide necessary training.

  • Job Retention:  FCSN job coaching services will be reduced to 20-30% within six months.  We will continue job retention support for you to meet employer’s expectations and learn newly-assigned job tasks.  FCSN will also provide advocacy, intervention and support to assist you resolve work issues.


Banking | Accounting | Retail | Senior Care | Janitorial | Landscaping | Data Entry | Food Service | Receptionist | Cafeteria | Beauty Salon | Entrepreneurship |….and many more


  • 18+ years old (after exiting school)
  • A Regional Center client
  • Can legally work in the U.S.
  • Eligible for Department of Rehabilitation Services
  • Desire to work in south Alameda County or Santa Clara County
  • Can work independently with 20-30% job coaching support after 6 months
  • Can use public transit or paratransit/outreach to attend work
  • Without aggressive behaviors towards self or others

For more information, please contact Claire Go, Supported Employment Program Manager, at (510) 739-6900 x3306