Steve, Student

December 28, 2015

“The reason why I decided to join FCSN is because I [wanted] to have friends. I didn’t have any friends in college, because my schoolmates didn’t feel comfortable talking to me. I don’t talk like any of them. I also have a tendency of just wanting to talk about topics that interest me. I usually feel frustrated, because most of my schoolmates just ignore me when I want to start a conversation. I was born with Autism, which means I have a language disability, and this caused me to refuse friendships in elementary school. I was used to not having friends and was always alone when I was younger; and because of this, it was extremely difficult for me to talk to people when I was in college. Luckily at FCSN I am learning the appropriate ways to talk and communicate with other people. I haven’t reached my goal yet, but I am on my way there. Here at FCSN, I feel like I belong, and I am happy to finally have friends. FCSN feels like home.”