Carol Selak, RCEB Case Manager

December 28, 2015

“I have worked at the Regional Center of East Bay for over 20 years, and without question, have not observed my clients as content and happy as those who attend FCSN’s site-based and community-based programs. I have 15 clients who attend FCSN, and I have observed over the years that FCSN’s Program not only excites them to be involved in new learning experiences but engages them in meaningful, downright fun activities! The program management and instructors put forth a great deal of creative energy to provide daily activities that fluctuate from day to day, week to week, so that the program participants are energized and enthused in their participation!

They greet my clients with cheerful optimism, recognizing their giftedness and worthiness to take a step further in maximizing their God-given gifts. Their classes of math/money management, reading/writing, sign language, computer/iPad, arts & crafts, dance/exercise, science, history/culture, and vocational training are all given with the expectation from their instructors that each program participant has personal gifts that can be utilized and strengthened in order for them to realize their best self! This program has an ability to bring out the very best in others, thus bringing them closer to feeling good about who they are and their abilities!

At every client’s annual meeting, FCSN creates a meaningful video, showcasing them as ‘stars’ as they engage over the year in some of their varied activities! I could go on and on. Without a doubt, a program par excellence, very worthy of being awarded for the ‘Excellence in Service.’”