.Test – Independent Living Services

FCSN Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program offers living skills training and support for you to live independently and self-reliant in your own living arrangements. FCSN conducts comprehensive living-skill training, enhances person-centered planning and assists with affordable housing applications.  The customized 1:1 training can take place while you reside with parents/families or when you live independently in the community.

Training and Support Areas (for more information, click on “ILS Brochure”)


Living Skills Training

  • Personal care skills & Hygiene

  • Housekeeping skills

  • Medical, dental, and other appointments

  • COVID mitigation practices

  • Public benefits- Calfresh, SSI, SSDI, IHSS, Medi-Cal, Medicare, Section 8 housing

Health and Wellness

  • Healthy/balanced meal preparation

  • Healthy lifestyle practices

  • Life-enrichment and leisure activities

  • Communication, social skills

  • Effective conflict resolutions

  • Community involvements and integration

Mobility Training

  • Navigating public transportation options and schedule

  •  Customized trip planning assistance and travel training

  • Community safety and emergency handling




Advocacy and Safety

  • Self-advocacy

  • Emergency preparedness training

  •  Emergency kits and information about building go-bags, stay-bags

  • Disaster recovery and Public Safety Power Shutoff information



Two Types of ILS Training


    For Whom

  • 18+ years old

  • A Regional Center client

  • Financially able to pay for housing & all living expenses

  • Desire to reside in south Alameda County or Santa Clara County.

  • Without complicated health issues

  • No aggressive behaviors toward self or others

     Location and Contact

        1. Fremont site:

            Claire Brady, East Bay Program Director

            (510) 739-6900 x3301


        2. San Jose site:

            Vivian Chung, South Bay Program Director

            (408) 725-8000 x201