.Test – Adult Services

Many parents worry a lot about what their adult children with special needs will be after they are gone. Who will take care of them? What will they do? In order to provide peace of mind to families, FCSN offers innovative services in Fremont and San Jose  sites for adults with developmental disabilities after they exit schools: Adult Day Program, Living Services, Supported Employment Program and Tailored Day Services to maximize individuals’ potential, increase independence, pursue personal growth and happiness, and integrate into community. Our services are tailored to meet each individual’s goals, preferences, skills and needs.

Adult Day Program

It offers an array of innovative classes, life enrichment activities and a variety of training to empower you for health, independence, productivity, happiness and community involvements.
Training is offered in site-based or community-integrated settings for a fulfilling life.

Living Services

  • Supported Living: supports you to establish and maintain a safe, stable, and independent life in your own home for a fulfilling life.

  • Independent Living: supports you to achieve greater independence while living with others or to acquire and maintain living independently.

Supported Employment Program

It assists you to pursue competitive, integrated employment or paid internship opportunities based on your career goal, needs, skills and interests. FCSN works with you to develop employment roadmap, sharpen job skills, secure employment and maximize job performances.


Tailored Day Services

Tailored to your schedule, interests and needs, it supports you to pursue life goals, grow independence, participate in volunteer work, seek employment, explore life enrichment activities, increase creativity and engage in community integration.