Independent Living Services

FCSN Independent Living Skills (ILS) Program offers living skills training and support for adult with developmental disabilities who have a goal to live on their own.  FCSN conducts comprehensive living-skill assessment, enhances person-centered planning, identifies training and support needed, researches your housing choices, and encourages self-advocacy.  The 1:1 ILS training can be conducted at your residence or in the community.  FCSN’s tailored ILS training meets your needs and builds your living skills to reach your full potential.


  • Intensive Living Skills Training: takes place while you reside in parents’ home with the ultimate goal of moving out from the family home for more independent living.  The INTENSIVE training helps you learn functional living skills to secure self-sustaining and independent living arrangement in the community for the future.  Typically, the ILS training is authorized for up to 24 hours per month.

  • Ongoing Living Skill Training:  takes place when you move out of the family home to live independently in the community.  FCSN provides continuous support and training for you to maintain your independence and housing.  It usually begins with up to 40 ILS hours per month when you first move into your place.  Training hours may decrease over time as you grow more independence.

TRAINING AREAS (for more information, click on “ILS Brochure”)

  • Assistance in Applying for Affordable Housing and Section 8 Housing Program
  • Personal Care Skills & Hygiene
  • Meal Planning & Preparation
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Money Management / Budgeting
  • Household Maintenance Skills
  • Health Management & Maintenance
  • Safety & Emergency Preparedness
  • Mobility Training
  • Community Integration & Planning
  • Social & Communication Skills
  • Self-Advocacy


  • 18+ years old (after exiting school)
  • A Regional Center client
  • Reside in south Alameda County or Santa Clara County
  • Have a goal to live independently
  • Without aggressive behaviors towards self or others

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