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Dear Friends,

FCSN’s Expand Our Dream gala was a huge success. The funds raised will provide crucial resources for renovating our 3rd center to expand programs and services for individuals with special needs and families. We could not have done it without your generosity and support. We will continue to update you on our progress and thank you for being a huge part of Expanding Our Dream. Have a happy, healthy and blessed holiday season!!

With Much Gratitude,

Anna Wang
FCSN Vice President

Singtao News Article: Click picture to view

World Journal Article: Click image to view.

Honorary Speaker: Dr. Chenming Hu

Why We Support FCSN

We are inspired by FCSN’s mission— to help individuals with developmental handicaps and their families find love, hope, respect, and support through integrated community involvement.

We hear desperate cries of families seeking help for their loved ones. FCSN is building a third center and developing more programs with a cost of more than $3.5M.

We believe in FCSN’s leadership— dedicated parents, volunteers, and employees with business savvy, hearts, and brains. FCSN is different and far superior to alternatives and consistently rated as top service provider to special needs citizens by the State of California.

Emcee: Matt Keller

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Matt Keller is a familiar face for FCSN. He has been our emcee since the very first FCSN Special Needs Got Talent (now known as Special Needs Talent Showcase) in 2015. He has returned every single year since then. In 2017, Matt also started emceeing for FCSN Gala as well. His wonderful sense of humor and personality won the audience over and kept them thoroughly entertained.

Matt is currently the Media and Public Relations Supervisor at Valley Water. Before that, he was an anchor and reporter for more than 20 years. Matt won two Emmy awards and Edward R. Murrow award. He was most recently a reporter and fill-in anchor for ABC7 New here in the Bay Area. During his time off, Matt enjoys running, spending time with his family and supporting his friends at FCSN.

Osgood Renovation Project

The Acquisition of Osgood Property

For the last ten years or so, periodically, FCSN board would look for properties to expand our facility in East Bay. In the early years, we were interested in properties that were close to our Fremont Center (now Chenming & Margaret Hu Center). Two years ago, after discussing with CK and his management team, the board made the decision to look for a much larger property of 10,000-15,000 sf and not be limited to the vicinity of the existing center. The idea was to find a large enough space to make it our future headquarters and to satisfy our needs for the next decade.

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FCSN Osgood Renovation Project - The Design Phase

With the acquisition of the Osgood property in May 2021, the job of the site search committee was accomplished, and the Osgood Project entered a new phase: the design phase. A design team was formed, and the first task was to identify an architect firm to work with.
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Future Programs

To be continued…

Watch this short video to find out why FCSN acquired Osgood property, as a follow on to its Dream Project. Hover your mouse over the video to play it.

Not all the special needs adults can fit into FCSN’s existing adult day program. For those with behavior problem, it is especially difficult to find programs for them. For the past year, FCSN has put in an extra effort to help those hi needs clients. In May of this year, Linmei Chiao created the Adaptive Skill Training program. Their daily routine and activities are captured in this moving music video, to the FCSN song “Friends of Dreams”, performed by FCSN musicians Lawrence Wang and Greg Hebert.




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(For more information regarding sponsorship, please get in touch with either Jim Chiao  jim_chiao@yahoo.com or CK Lee at ck@cybereda.com)

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