Adult Day Program

FCSN Adult Day Program (ADP) is dedicated to providing well-rounded training and support based on your person-centered planning, goals, strengths, and needs for adults with developmental disabilities.  Through “Live, Learn, and Love” program designs, you can increase independence, pursue personal growth, enjoy productive life, build friendships, and integrate into community. FCSN ADP conducts Person-Centered Planning with you, assists you in setting goals, and provides comprehensive training and support to reach your objectives towards goals.  FCSN offers prevocational training, independent living skill training, life-enrichment classes, and community-integrated activities.  You can make choices based on your preferences and interests for activities, training/class selections and participate in schedule planning.

FCSN has three adult day programs:

  1. East Bay Adult Day Program (EBADP) is a combination of Site-Based and Community-Integrated Day Program, located in Fremont.

  2. Learning, Integration, Friendship, Empowerment (L.I.F.E.) is a community program operated in Fremont.

  3. Work, Integrate, Learn, Live (W.I.L.L.) Training Program is a combination of the previous two programs, located in San Jose.

Services and Supports (for more information, click on “ADP Brochure”)

  • Pre-Vocational Training: FCSN ADP offers prevocational training for you to learn job skills, contribute towards your passion, and become a productive and vibrant member in the community.  Prevocational training through volunteer work in the community allows you to build skills in areas that you are interested in.

  • Healthy Lifestyle & Independent Living Skills: FCSN ADP emphasizes healthy lifestyle practices and living skills training.  A wide variety of innovative and fun classes promote optimal health and independence, such as: Sports, Dance, Fitness, Wellness and Nutrition, Healthy Meal Planning & Preparation, Current Events Discussion, among others.

  • Life Enrichment: FCSN ADP empowers you to explore your interests, increase creativity, develop self-confidence and discover your potential through an array of fun life enrichment activities such as Music, Visual Arts, Drama, Dance and Science.

  • Community Integration & Socialization: FCSN ADP assists you in exploring local resources and integrating into the community.  You can work on social skills, build friendships, sharpen communication skills, learn effective conflict resolutions, and practice safety awareness in the community.


  • 18+ years old (after exiting school)
  • A Regional Center client
  • Enjoys learning and integrating in the community
  • Able to self-administer medication
  • Without medical complications
  • Without aggressive behaviors towards self or others

OPERATING HOURS: Monday – Friday, 5.5 – 6 hrs/day (no summer/winter breaks)

RATIO: 1:3 or 1:4 instructor to client ratio

For more information, please contact