Adult Services

Many parents worry a lot about what their adult children with special needs will be after they are gone.  Who will take care of them? What will they do? In order to ease the parents’ minds, FCSN offers innovative ADULT SERVICES in Fremont and San Jose for individuals with disabilities: Adult Day Program, Living Services, Supported Employment Program, and Tailored Day Services, to maximize participants’ potential, increase independence, pursue personal growth and happiness, and integrate into community.  Our Services are tailored to meet each participants’ goals, strengths and needs.

Adult Day Program

FCSN Adult Day Program empowers you to be independent, productive, healthy, and happy.  Our training and support is offered in both site-based and community-integrated settings.

Living Services

FCSN offers two types of Living Services:

  • Supported Living Services provides living skills training and support for you to live in your won place  and grow independence.  24/7 services can be provided if needed and approved by the Regional Center.  FCSN SLS Program is tailored to meet your needs and interests for a successful and fulfilling life.

  • Independent Living Services offers living skill training and support for the ones with a goal to live on their own.  Through 1:1 training, you can be more independent and self-reliant in your living arrangement.

Supported Employment Program

FCSN Supported Employment  Program works with you to set career goals, sharpen job skills, secure competitive employment in the community, learn job tasks and requirements, and maximize job performances so you can be productive in competitive and integrated work force.

Tailored Day Service

FCSN Tailored Day Service provides flexible schedule and intensive support to individual participants who seek personal growth, volunteer opportunities, employment, and community integration.